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Acclaim Housing Group joins Waterloo Housing Group

New partnership

Key benefits

Waterloo Housing Group

Frequently asked questions

New partnership

Acclaim Housing Group merged with Waterloo Housing Group on 1 April 2016, creating a housing association with almost 26,000 homes across the Midlands.

We began formal discussions with Waterloo in early 2015 and our respective Boards approved the merger at the end of March 2016, after all the consents needed were received.

Key benefits

The new partnership will help deliver the following key benefits:

Waterloo Housing Group

Waterloo Housing Group owns and manages more than 20,000 social and affordable homes across the East and West Midlands and has five subsidiary organisations:

The Group was recently awarded a £51.9million grant by the Homes and Communities Agency for their development programme. This allocation was one of the largest in the country and will enable the Group to develop 2,500 new homes over the next three years.

Frequently asked questions

Will this cause my rent and service charges to go up?

No, there will be no change to how your rent and service charges are calculated and reviewed each year by Dales Housing.

Who will I pay my rent and service charges to?

You will continue to make payments to Dales Housing.

Will this mean my tenancy is less secure?

No, there will be no changes to your Tenancy Agreement or any of its terms as a result of us joining Waterloo Housing Group.

Who will be my landlord?

Dales Housing will become a subsidiary of Waterloo Housing Group. We will still own and manage your home and your Tenancy Agreement will remain with us, so we will remain your landlord.

Who will do my repairs and will I have to wait longer?

Your repairs will be completed in the same way as they are now and we will not change our service standards or the time it takes to complete a repair.

Will the out-of-hours service change?

There are no plans to change the out-of-hours service currently in place.

Will any of my other services change?

Your day-to-day neighbourhood services will continue as they do now.

Who is Waterloo Housing Group?

Waterloo Housing Group owns and manages more than 20,000 social and affordable homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire. It is the parent company of five subsidiaries - de Montfort Housing Society, New Linx Housing Trust, Waterloo Housing Association, Waterloo Homes and ESHA (Developments) Ltd.

Why are you planning to join Waterloo Housing Group?

As part of a larger Group, we will be able to build more new homes to help meet the rising demand for affordable housing and improve and extend our services for customers.

It will also help us to withstand the current and future financial pressures facing housing associations as a result of reductions in Government budgets and funding and the planned rent cuts announced in the Government’s recent Budget.

We have a lot in common with Waterloo Housing Group. We are both Housing Associations regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency and have homes transferred from Local Authorities which we have improved and managed. We also operate in the same areas and have a similar culture, vision and values.

Will any staff loose their jobs?

Joining a larger, growing organisation will provide increased professional development and career opportunities for our staff.

In order to provide our staff with the necessary assurances, our Board has agreed that there will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of changes associated solely with the merger with Waterloo Housing Group for a period of two years after we have joined the Group.

Will you still have your customer involvement group?

Yes, it is important that we continue to involve our customers in reviewing and shaping our services.