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How to become a Board Member

How to become a board member

Dales Housing's board of management has responsibility for the strategic direction of the company that it is financially viable and ensuring that it is achieving its strategies, plans and stated standards of service.

The board currently consists of 12 permanent members who do not receive any payment for the role, but are reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel costs.


The membership of the board is as follows:

Time commitment

It is estimated that board membership will take between 4 – 6 hours per month. There are usually 8 board meetings each year and an annual away weekend. A number of training events are also held throughout the year.

How to become a board member

How to become a Board Member

When there is a vacancy for a tenant board member, this is usually advertised in the newsletter that is sent to all tenants. Anyone who is an assured tenant of Dales Housing (i.e. their name is on the tenancy agreement) can express an interest. In the event that more than one name is put forward, then an election will take place. The person receiving the highest number of votes will be nominated to the Board.

If you are interested in becoming a tenant board member, you are encouraged to attend the customer area panels and become actively involved in the tenant participation process, as this will increase your knowledge and understanding of how the company works with its customers.

Where there is a vacancy for an Independent board member, there will be a review of the knowledge and skills mix of existing members and identification of any gaps. Independent board members are recruited through a process of advertisement. At the same time an appropriate database (such as that kept by the National Housing Federation) may be used.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact the executive director on 01629 593203 for a discussion and more detailed information.