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Our Mission, Values and Corporate Objectives

Mission Statement

"We work to meet the needs of our customers and communities by providing continually improving high quality homes and services"

Our Values

Corporate Objectives

Continually improve our homes and services, meeting the needs and expectations of our customers

Deliver the Action Plans of the Group Strategies which will be monitored on a six monthly basis

Achieve and maintain agreed satisfaction levels for both internal and external customers

Contribute to the well-being of our communities

Develop a working plan to deliver investment in our communities by 2014

Increase the supply of quality affordable homes that people choose to live in

Deliver the 40 new homes in the current business plan by 2013

Explore the financial capacity to deliver a further 40 homes by 2015

Maintain a reputation as a first class employer

Enter for 'Sunday Times Top 100 companies' accreditation by 2014

Improve the weaker results in the staff survey by 10% by 2012

Practice business excellence, securing and delivering value for money

Enter the Group for an' Investors in Excellence' Award by December 2014

Maintain high standards of governance in accordance with the National Housing

Federation codes of good practice and meet all regulatory requirements

Work in the pursuit of continued development and growth

Annually carry out feasibility for potential growth opportunities for both increasing assets and new service provision

Deliver our commitments, inspiring the confidence of our customers and partners

Work with our partners to add value in the delivery of our respective objectives

Agree and deliver local offers to customers which will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Tenant Scrutiny Panels