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06Estate walkabout in Bakewell - Yeld Close, Yeld Road - 2.30pm to 3.30pm
07Estate walkabout in Ashbourne - Firs Close, Brickyard Cottages - 11.30am to 1pm
07Estate walkabout in Darley Dale - Stanton Moor View, Underhall - 2pm to 3.30pm
13Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Griggs Gardens, Gorsey Bank - 11am to 12.30pm
14Estate walkabout in Ashbourne - Townhead, Malthouse Court - 2.30pm to 4pm
15Estate walkabout in Matlock - Hurst Rise - 10am to 12pm
16Health Walks Drop In - Community Centre, Hurst Farm Estate - 10.30am to 11.30am
20Heath Walk Taster Session - Get Healthy - Meet at Community Centre, Hurst Farm Estate - 10.15am to 12pm
21Estate walkabout in Wyaston, Alkmonton, Cubley - 1.30pm to 4.30pm
22Estate walkabout in Bradwell, Tideswell, Litton - 1.30pm to 5pm
22Dementia Awareness event - The Whitworth Centre, Gallery Room, Darley Dale - 2pm to 3.30pm
23Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - King Edward Street, Queen Elizabeth Close - 10.30am to 11.30am
23Chair Based Exercise Session - Get Healthy - Community Centre, Hurst Farm Estate - 2pm to 3pm
27Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Nether Gardens, Cromford Road, Barmote Croft, Bolehill - 2pm to 3.30pm
27Neighbourhood Forum at Dimple Mill, Matlock - 1pm to 3pm
29Estate walkabout in Matlock - Springfield Rise, Chesterfield Road - 2pm to 3.30pm


03Estate walkabout in Bakewell - Moorhall, Stanton View - 10.30am to 12pm
03Shawcroft’s Residents Association meeting - Day Centre, Ashbourne Library - 6pm to 7pm
04Estate walkabout in Ashbourne - Lakeside, Shawcroft - 3pm to 4.30pm
04Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Cawdor House, Limekiln House, Limestone House, Tor House, Metesford House - 2pm to 4pm
10Estate walkabout in Matlock - Lynhomes Road, Lynhomes Rise, Linden Grove, Overdale - 2pm to 3.30pm
10Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Columbell Way, Park Lane, Wheatley Gardens - 10.30am to 11.30am
11Estate walkabout in Ashbourne - Station Street, Sturston Road, Lodge Avenue, Clifton Road, George Street, Highfield Road - 2.30pm to 4.30pm
12Estate walkabout in Bakewell - London Road, Wyecroft Court - 2pm to 3.30pm
17Estate walkabout in Bakewell - Bank Road, Carson Croft, Dimple Road, Rutland Street, Smedley Street - 10.30am to 12pm
18Estate walkabout and community litter pick in Ashbourne - Walton Crescent, Okeover Avenue, Brookside, Brookside Meadows - 11am to 12.30pm
19Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Kingsfield Road, Jubilee Court, Recreation Road - 10am to 11.30am
19Street Meet - Lynholmes Road (near the shop) - 4pm to 5pm
24Estate walkabout in Curbar, Calver, Baslow, Beeley - 10am to 12.30pm
25Estate walkabout in Biggin, Hartington Town Quarter, Hartington nether Quarter, Parwich - 2pm to 5pm
26Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Oat Hill, Snowfield View, Weaver Court - 3pm to 4.30pm
27Estate walkabout in Matlock - Sherwood Road, Netherfield Close, St Giles Walk - 11am to 12.30pm
30Hurst Farm Garden Competition - Hurst Farm Estate


02Estate walkabout in Rowlsey, Stanton In The Peak, Birchover, Elton, Winster - 1pm to 4.30pm
03Estate walkabout in Wirksworth - Crowstones Road, Lime Grove, Oker Drive, Oker Avenue - 2pm to 3.30pm
08Estate walkabout in Matlock - Hazel Court, Hazel Dene, Hazel Grove, Hilltops View - 10.30am to 12pm
09Estate walkabout in Bonsall, Middleton by Wirksworth - 2pm to 4pm
16Estate walkabout in Kirk-Ireton, Hulland, Hulland Ward, Brailsford, Mercaston - 1pm to 4pm
17Estate walkabout in Matlock - Lumsdale Crescent, Metesford, Fairholmes - 3.30pm to 5pm
22Neighbourhood Forum - Dimple Mill, Matlock - 1pm to 3pm
29Estate walkabout in Matlock - Victoria Court, Denfields - 11am to 12.30pm
30Street Meet - Brookside Meadows - 1.30pm to 3pm
30Community Litter Pick - Shawcroft, Lakeside, Park Road - 3pm to 4pm
31Community Litter Pick - Lumsdale Crescent and Mettesford - 11am to 12.30pm
31Judging of the Hurst Farm Garden Competition - Hurst Farm Estate - all week