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Services for leaseholders

Becoming a Leaseholder

Becoming a leaseholder

When you buy a leasehold flat you sign a contract called a lease. This lease explains the rights and the responsibilities of you and your landlord. Not all leases are the same. Your own lease will give you details that apply to you and your home.

Rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities include:

Dales Housing's responsibilities include:

Pets & animals

You are allowed to keep one dog and one cat, caged birds, fish and small animals, without obtaining our written approval. Our permission must be sought if you wish to keep any other types of pets or animals in your home. All animals must be kept in accordance with the law. You must keep any animal under control at all times and not allow any animal to foul or damage your home or any other property or cause nuisance or annoyance to anyone else.


Alterations and improvements

An alteration is something that affects the structure of your home but may not change the value of your home. Examples of alterations may include changing the layout inside your home, such as removing walls. You must have written permission from Dales Housing before you make any alterations.

You may also need the permission of the following:

Insuring the building

All leasehold properties must be covered by comprehensive buildings insurance through Dales Housing's insurers.

The rate offered by Dales Housing is very competitive and will be automatically included within the annual service charge so you do not have to take out separate buildings insurance.

Comprehensive cover does not however cover your contents. Leaseholders are advised to take out separate contents insurance to protect their personal possessions.

Reporting a repair

Reporting a repair

To report a repair, telephone the freephone repair reporting line on 0800 2941335.

Dales Housing’s office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. If you need to report a repair outside of these hours or on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday please telephone 0800 2941335.

Dales Housing operates four categories with a different target completion time depending on the type or work required

Dales Housing are committed to providing an efficient and value for money repairs service to maintain our properties and homes.

Service charges

Dales Housing is responsible for providing the services described in your lease.

The service charges you pay are made up of the cost of:

Every year you will be sent a service charge bill. This will tell you how much money was spent on the building in the previous year and how much you need to pay towards it.

Dales Housing must consult with you first if we want to do major work that is likely to cost more than £250 for each flat if there are more than 20 flats in the block. Repair and redecoration to communal areas can fall into this category, for example repainting hallways, stairwells and communal doors at regular intervals.

You have the right to see invoices and other documents that support the summary amount of service charge spent. You must ask to do this within six months of getting the summary

Payment options

Payment options

Dales Housing offers a range of payment options:

If you fail to pay your service charge

Dales Housing will:

If payment is still not received we will consider what further action to take, which could include:

Legal action would mean you might have legal costs adding to your financial problems. It is very important that you work with us to sort out any problems and keep us informed of your current position.

Reporting a dispute or complaint

Dales Housing is committed to resolving any disputes or complaints at the earliest opportunity. Initial enquiries should be made to the Income and Leasehold Manager on 01629 593222.

We hope that on most occasions problems will be dealt with quickly and to your satisfaction. However there may be occasions where this is not possible or you are still not happy with our service. If this is the case you can make a formal complaint by contacting the member of staff who deals with complaints on 01629 593205.

Getting involved

Getting involved at Dales Housing

All leaseholders are encouraged to get involved in commenting on and developing the services provided.

One of the ways to get involved is to become a member of the Leasehold Panel. All leaseholders are invited to attend and give their views and opinions on all aspects of Dales Housing’s leasehold services.

Leaseholder Panel

Dales Housing values and welcomes all leaseholders comments and ideas and encourage their involvement in developing the services that we provide. We have a Leasehold Panel which meets three times a year from 6pm at Dimple Mill, Matlock, which is also attended by the Income and leasehold Manager.

The meetings offer:

However, it is appreciated that not all leaseholders will wish or be able to attend meetings, so if you are unable to attend you can still keep up to date with what’s happening and pass on your comments and give feedback by:

Anyone interested in becoming involved should contact the neighbourhoods team on 01629 593200.

Leaseholder Handbook

Leaseholder Newsletter