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What if i get in arrears?

What if i can't pay my rent?

What if i get in arrears

Your rent is used to pay for the costs of repairing, improving and managing your home. If we don’t get the rent that is due we can’t meet our obligations to you, so paying your rent is important. If you do experience difficulties in finding the money to pay your rent, it is important that you contact Dales Housing as soon as possible. You are also welcome to talk to our Money Advisor who will help you prioritise your budget, and assist you in maximising your income in terms of housing benefit and other types of benefits which you may be entitled to. We have many ways of helping you maintain your budget and it is better that we work together to resolve any problems you have, before arrears begin to occur.

Talk to us, we want to assist you wherever possible but we can only assist you if we are aware of your circumstances – Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand!, click here to contact us.

If however, you do not pay your rent and have not contacted us to help resolve the matter, the following arrears recovery procedure will commence:

At court we can ask for either:

We would always hope that such serious actions would be avoided by a successful informal arrangement. Our housing officers can provide help and advice in arrears cases and tenants should feel able to discuss the situation with them in confidence.

You may be able to get Legal Aid in order to appoint a solicitor should you be summoned to court.