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Energy efficiency

Dales Housing has undertaken and continues to undertake a considerable amount of work to make the homes you live in warmer and more energy efficient. We have for instance installed or upgraded cavity wall and loft insulation, fitted new double glazed windows, new exterior doors and new more efficient central heating boilers.

However, there are many actions which each householder can do to reduce their energy consumption, many of these do not cost any money.

No cost energy saving tips

energy saving lightbulb

Low cost energy saving tips

Remember your safety!

Gas, oil and solid fuel appliances need fresh air to function properly and safely. So you must never block off the air vents in the rooms they are in!

Buying new appliances

When you need to buy replacement appliances such as washing machines, cookers and fridges, choose energy efficient appliances, look out for the distinctive blue Energy Efficiency Recommended logo. It demonstrates that the appliance being bought is one of the most efficient in its category. There will also be a label giving an energy rating, appliances rated A are the most efficient.

The following links are to websites that can provide more information, advice and help on energy saving.

Advice is available from Derbyshire Dales District Council on finding grants, locating discount schemes and undertaking low/no cost energy efficiency measures.

Please use the links above to access more information or contact the Council direct on 01629 761304 or via