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How to pay your rent

This section includes information about how to pay your rent:

Your rent is payable weekly in advance along with other service charges or charges for support you receive. Your rent can be paid in a number of different ways (please note that Dales Housing do not accept payments by credit card).

Please select from the icons below for more information on payment methods.

Direct debit

The convenient, guaranteed way to pay.

No need to worry about missing a payment or queuing! Your payment will be debited from your bank automatically.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit you will need to complete a Direct Debit Mandate form.

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Direct Debit payment form

Or alternatively please contact our Customer Services team on 01629 593200 for a form.

Standing order

Standing order is an automatic payment debited from your bank that you control. You can decide how often you pay and when. If you wish to pay using Standing Order you will need to contact your bank to set this up. You will need to advise your bank of the following details:-

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Standing order mandate form

You will also need to ensure that your bank quotes your 8 digit rent account number in the standing order payment details to help us identify your payment.


You can send a cheque or postal order to Dales Housing .
You must write your 10 digit rent account number clearly on the reverse to help us identify your payment.

Payment needs to be made payable to Dales Housing Ltd and should be sent to:-
Dales Housing
Dimple Mill
Dimple Road
Matlock DE4 3JX.

Post office / Allpay / payzone /outlets

Using your plastic Allpay card or your Dales Housing rent payment card you can pay at any UK Post Office™ or any UK outlet which displays the payzone symbol.
The Allpay plastic swipe card is accepted in all Post Office™ branches along with a payment by cash, cheque or by debit card.
Please keep your receipt or payment counterfoil safe as it is a record of your payment.

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Using your plastic Allpay Dales Housing rent payment card you can pay by debit card on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service not only benefits users by its sheer simplicity but provides users the flexibility to make payments at any time or place the Internet is available to them.

To pay by this method click on the link below and log on using your Allpay card reference number. You will be asked to enter and confirm a password and e-mail address to which payment confirmation will be sent.

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The telephone payment service is available 24hrs a day , 7 days a week.

The number is 0844 557 8321 is accessible from any landline or mobile with a touchtone keypad.

You will need to have your rent payment card number and your debit card number, the expiry date/ issue number and the amount you wish to pay.

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Text messaging

Text messaging allows you to to pay anytime,anytime anywhere and all you need is a UK registered mobile phone, your Dales Housing rent payment card number and a debit card. The process will take no longer than 3 minutes from the text/sms you send, to the confirmation text/sms, you will receive in acknowledgement of your payment.

Registration for the service is carried out by clicking on the link and provides simple and easy to follow step by step instructions on how to register for this service. This site also contains a useful payment history viewer screen enabling you to see any previous payment details .

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All-Pay Mobile App

Allpay is a secure mobile application available to download free of charge for customers on Apple or Android smartphone's. This latest groundbreaking innovation within payment solutions gives you the ability to pay your bills wherever there is a mobile signal.

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