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How do I get disabled adaptations

How do I get disabled adaptations

Dales Housing works very closely with Derbyshire Dales District Council and Derbyshire County Council Social Services Department in order to enable you to remain within your home by responding to your changing needs.

If you require an assessment for the installation of an aid or an adaptation to your home to help you cope with a disability you may have, then please contact Derbyshire County Council social services department ‘Call Derbyshire’ on 01629 580000.

They will make an initial assessment of your needs and may request an occupational therapist or a community care worker visit your home to assess your situation in more detail. They will recommend the type of adaptation required based on the outcome of this assessment. This recommendation will then be passed on to Dales Housing on your behalf.

Typical adaptations carried out by Dales Housing, include the following:

If you need more advice from Dales Housing on how to apply for a disabled adaptation, please call 01629 593200.

Once we have received your referral from social services we will acknowledge receipt of your application within 10 working days and the following procedure will be followed.

Adaptation under £1000 - arrangements will be made for a contractor to carry out the work. The work will be completed within 31 working days and you will be notified in writing to this effect.

Adaptation over £1000 - you will be placed on Dales Housing’s Waiting List. You will also need to complete a Test of Resources Form which will be enclosed in our acknowledgement letter. Once you have completed this Form please return it to Dales Housing so that it can forwarded to the Benefits Office at Derbyshire Dales District Council who will make a private and confidential assessment of your financial status and inform Dales Housing of the outcome.

What happens next?

Disabled adaptation work placed on our waiting list are carried out in date order from receipt, although consideration will be given to any emergency referrals we may receive from social services or the health authority.

Once we are able to proceed with your adaptation we will contact you to check that the work is still required and that your situation has not changed since you made the original application. The contractor carrying out the work on behalf of Dales Housing will visit you at least seven days prior to the work commencing and will discuss any queries that you may have regarding the work.

Once the adaptation has been completed we will carry out an inspection to make sure the work has been completed to the standard required.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your disabled adaptation, please call us on 01629 593213.