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How are my gas appliances serviced?

How are my gas appliances serviced

Dales Housing undertakes an annual service of our gas appliances (those that heat your water and heat your home for example). It is a legal requirement that we carry out this service and safety check once a year. The visit is necessary to ensure that any gas appliances in your home are safe to use and are working properly.

Please allow our contractors to enter your home and service the appliances, or contact them if they call whilst you are out to arrange another date when the servicing can take place. If you don't allow access for the Gas Servicing, Dales Housing will have to make arrangements through the County Court to gain access to carry out the Gas Servicing.

The cost of this action could be upwards of £150.00 and will be charged to you.

Any appliance not serviced regularly could potentially produce Carbon Monoxide which is a poisonous gas. Do not put the lives of yourselves, your family or pets at risk - help Dales Housing to ensure that the annual service takes place and the gas appliances in your home are safe to use.