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Refurbishment and improvement work

Planned improvements and programmed repairs

In addition to the day to day repairs we do, Dales Housing also has in place a programme of major works and improvement works to the homes that we rent. These programmes of work are carried out so that we can make sure our homes are kept in good condition and have modern facilities, fixtures and fittings.

Dales Housing Decent Homes Works for 2011 to March 2014

Workman in Dales Housing uniform, drilling

As part of our ongoing commitment to investing in our properties Dales have recently started work on a three year programme of Decent Homes work. Working in partnership with Keepmoat we are planning to replace around 500 boilers; 200 bathrooms and kitchens along with other improvement work such as new doors and electrical re-wiring. In total we plan to spend around £6 million on this work and are aiming to complete everything in early 2014.

We have written to all tenants who are in the first and second year of the project outlining what works will be completed within their property. And will be contacting tenants in year 3 of the programme next year to let them know what work we are planning to carry out.

There is a link to download a copy of the programme for this work below. This list may change as work proceeds and inspections are carried out. We will keep individual tenants informed and updated as the work progresses and will normally contact people who are due to have work done six weeks before work is due to start.

Every property within the programme will have a visit from someone from Dales Housing and Keepmoat prior to any work taking place. At this visit we will check exactly what work is needed to ensure that we have included all the work that is required to your home in our programme. We will also discuss start dates and colour choices for kitchens, bathrooms and redecoration work that we need to do.

If you would like more information about our Decent Homes work including what type of work we do and what to expect when the work starts please download our booklet.

If you have queries that aren't answered in the Decent Homes Booklet or have a question about the programme please contact Dales on 01629 593200 and ask to speak to someone in the Property Services Team.

Working with Keepmoat - Meet the builder

Paint pot

Dales are very pleased to be working in partnership with Keepmoat to carry our 2011 to 2014 programme of Decent Homes improvement work.

We will be holding a series of open day events to give tenants the opportunity to meet the staff involved in the work and to see samples of the kitchens and bathrooms we are planning to fit. If you are included in the programme then watch out for your letter letting you know when we will be in your area.

We are also organising a regular series of coffee morning meetings where tenants who are having work done can come along and have an informal chat with staff from Dales and Keepmoat about the work we are doing. We will make sure that tenants are kept up to date with dates and times and the venue for these meetings as work moves from area to area.

If you want to know what is planned in your area or want to get involved please contact Dales on 01629 593200 and ask to speak to someone in the Property Services Team.

Setting standards for refurbishment and improvement

The type of work we include in these programmes of property improvement work is typically for the refurbishment or replacement of the following items:

Dales Housing workman plastering a wall

We also carry out other improvement works to upgrade thermal insulation, renovate communal areas of flats and repair or improve the external areas of landscaping.

When deciding what work we will do we need to consider a number of different factors that allow us to decide what work will be done and when.

One factor we take into account is the age and condition of each individual property and we judge this against a Government standard called the Decent Homes Standard.

The Decent Homes Standard sets out the minimum requirements for the condition of property. The standard looks at the age and condition of the parts of a building and sets out when these should be replaced or repaired.

To help us decide which properties need to have work done we need to know the condition of our homes. To find this out we undertake sample surveys of properties so that we always have up to date information about the condition of our homes.

Although the Decent Homes Standard sets out the minimum standard that we should meet when considering which properties to improve, Dales Housing also take into account other factors when deciding which what work we carry out. It is our aim to have in place programmes of work to exceed the minimum requirements of the Decent Homes Standard wherever this is possible and we have sufficient money available to do so.

More information about the Decent Homes Standard is available here:

Decent Homes Diaries

Dales Housing and Keepmoat have jointly produced the first edition of what will become a bi-monthly newsletter highlighting their work on the Decent Homes Scheme.