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What if my neighbours are being inconsiderate and causing a nuisance?

neighbours are being inconsiderate and causing a nuisance

Dales Housing believe that people should be able to live in peace and quiet and feel safe and secure in their own home and in the area that they live. It is therefore a condition of all our tenants that they, their visitors or family, do not cause a nuisance or allow a nuisance to be caused to other people in the neighbourhood.

In the tenancy agreements that Dales Housing use it is clearly stated that Anti-Social Behaviour will not be tolerated and by causing Anti-Social Behaviour that tenancy is at risk.

12. Nuisance and Harassment

12.1.1    You, (or anyone living with you, or visiting your home, including children) must ensure no nuisance or annoyance is caused to any person living in, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality of your home e.g. persistent or prolonged loud music, arguing and door slamming; dog barking and fouling; offensive drunkenness; the selling of drugs or drug abuse; rubbish dumping; undertaking major car repairs; playing ball games close to someone else's home; discarding litter; throwing; use of air rifles and pellet guns.

12.2      You (or anyone living with you, or visiting your home, including children) must not harass any other person. Examples of harassment include:- racist behaviour or language; using or threatening to use violence; using abusive or insulting words or behaviour; damaging or threatening to damage another person's home or possessions; writing threatening, abusive or insulting letters or graffiti; doing anything that interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of other people.

What is ASB?

Any behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. This could be: (however this list is not exhaustive)

What can I do to help prevent causing nuisance myself?

Amplified Music or Television
Not everybody has an enthusiasm for loud music whether it is modern or classical music. Levels of music or television should be reasonable and not disturb anyone else. If you want to listen to loud music or watch television at high volume, we suggest you listen to it with headphones.

A lot of people like a party unless that is, you are a neighbour or resident who has not been invited! Take time to tell your neighbours when you are going to have a party. This will be very much appreciated by them. Try to keep the music and noise at an acceptable level and ask that your guests arrive and leave as quietly as possible. The occasional party is acceptable, however, regular late night house or garden parties with loud music or other loud noise will not be tolerated.

Car Repairs & Maintenance
Tuning, repairing and servicing your car in the vicinity of your home should be kept to a minimum and carried out at times of the day least likely to annoy neighbours. If you put your car radio on whilst you are working on your car, please keep the level down so that it does not disturb others.

DIY (Do it Yourself)
People like to undertake work to their home to make it suit them better. However, there is a way of doing this that can reduce the problems created by noise. Make sure that you let your neighbours know when the work will be taking place. This will be greatly appreciated by them. Ensure that the work is done by you or by the trades people at a time of day that is least likely to annoy neighbours.

What can I expect from Dales Housing?

We encourage tenants to speak to their neighbours in the first instance as they may not be aware that they are causing nuisance. Where this appears not to work or is not appropriate, you must contact us. Dales Housing has a Policy and Procedure in place to combat the occurrences and impact of Anti-Social Behaviour. After receiving a report of nuisance, we will investigate, acting promptly and effectively to ensure the situation does not escalate. We will agree with the complainant what action we will take and keep them informed of progress.

Working with partners, we will ensure complainants and witnesses are given the required level of support as necessary.

What action can Dales Housing take?

Our highly trained staff have a range of tools and powers available them to aid in tackling ASB and will work swiftly to assume acceptable behaviour from those involved. These include:

What are our standards?

Dales Housing has a set of service standards and performance targets to ensure our staff provide an excellent service to our customers:

How do I contact Dales Housing?

Fill out an online form

Contact us another way

Who else can help?

In order to ensure that the right type and level of support is provided to those who need it, we work with a number of partner agencies who provide more specific, tailored support services.

Some examples include: Age UK, Citizens Advice, Action Housing, Safer Derbyshire and Environmental Health.

Upon contacting us, we can refer you directly to one or more appropriate agencies, or can provide you with contact details should you wish to make contact yourself.